Monthly Archives: August 2022

rat house

Once, there was a rat that cooked splendid  meals but his family forbid him from going into peoples houses because they thought it was to dangers but not for rob he found he loved cooking. and was good at it then he was found by a human named bob, then rob new that he could help, this young boy with his talent so rob hoped onto bobs head and when he lifted a bit of hair then bobs arm lifted so when it was time to sleep bob had made a house for him in a wall with a ladder.

the trip

I was so hungry that i could eat 5 big meals but when i arrived there was no one there. But any way  i went in and found a meal like it was waiting for me. oww as son as i had a big bite then i realized it was made of pink concrete i was so angry that i was revolving. when i went home i put on the tv and i jumped when i found out my favorite show was on i ran to get pink pop corn then jumped onto my beanbag and continued watching my favorite show that i love a lot.