Monthly Archives: June 2022

the great escape.

Me & Alivia were in trouble today and had to find a way to escape. Mrs. skinners class before the afternoon recesses bell rang. And i did not think it was challenge but then Alivia spoke’ Alison how do we escape Mrs. skinners class with that nosey Travis looking us all the time’. i had not thought of that.’ we will do it in class time saying we are going to the tolite. then we will escape and go home’ i said hoppfaliy but when it was time to go Alivia was called  to the board  to solve the answer. then the bell went and we were in trouble.


‘Hi i am sindi’ ,i lives in a apartment with her sister her sisters name is rosery ‘ ROSERY!’ yelled sindi, ‘what’ rosery said annoyed ‘ you have not done the washing’ said sindi ,’ i have done my washing’ rosery said happily’ what about my washing, ‘sindi said annoyed ‘ you do it’ said rosery, sindi has a huge temper were as rosery is careful and .kind they both have to go to work sindi works at a   libery   and she rides a  scooter ,were as  rosery work at the swan park and take a black car to take her to her work sindi is very very Jellicoe.