the holiday to Australia!

Alison was getting reedy to finish packing up for there holiday to Australia .For the very fist time! ‘Travis are you reedy’ Alison said ‘we are going to be late ‘ ‘cam down Alison ‘ said Trav’ . I’m all most ready’ so as they hit the road they were all excited and ready for advancer¬† then.¬† When we got there some one asked ‘can I check your passport?’, he said of yes here then we took of and in the sky .Then we sore dragons ‘stay quite’ said dad. ‘Is this the end’ Travis said ‘of course not’ said Justin pilot go up and down to lose it okay.

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  1. hey there Alison,

    I would like to tell you that you spelt a few words wrong and I couldn’t find any dad wavers in it so maybe check that out

    kind regards Sophie

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