rat house

Once, there was a rat that cooked splendid  meals but his family forbid him from going into peoples houses because they thought it was to dangers but not for rob he found he loved cooking. and was good at it then he was found by a human named bob, then rob new that he could help, this young boy with his talent so rob hoped onto bobs head and when he lifted a bit of hair then bobs arm lifted so when it was time to sleep bob had made a house for him in a wall with a ladder.

the trip

I was so hungry that i could eat 5 big meals but when i arrived there was no one there. But any way  i went in and found a meal like it was waiting for me. oww as son as i had a big bite then i realized it was made of pink concrete i was so angry that i was revolving. when i went home i put on the tv and i jumped when i found out my favorite show was on i ran to get pink pop corn then jumped onto my beanbag and continued watching my favorite show that i love a lot.


the great escape.

Me & Alivia were in trouble today and had to find a way to escape. Mrs. skinners class before the afternoon recesses bell rang. And i did not think it was challenge but then Alivia spoke’ Alison how do we escape Mrs. skinners class with that nosey Travis looking us all the time’. i had not thought of that.’ we will do it in class time saying we are going to the tolite. then we will escape and go home’ i said hoppfaliy but when it was time to go Alivia was called  to the board  to solve the answer. then the bell went and we were in trouble.


‘Hi i am sindi’ ,i lives in a apartment with her sister her sisters name is rosery ‘ ROSERY!’ yelled sindi, ‘what’ rosery said annoyed ‘ you have not done the washing’ said sindi ,’ i have done my washing’ rosery said happily’ what about my washing, ‘sindi said annoyed ‘ you do it’ said rosery, sindi has a huge temper were as rosery is careful and .kind they both have to go to work sindi works at a   libery   and she rides a  scooter ,were as  rosery work at the swan park and take a black car to take her to her work sindi is very very Jellicoe.

the cleaning lady

One day there was a cleaning lady named Judy ,she was an excellent cleaner and so Judy started a biasness  called the cleaning place but there sine was too heavy because it is made out of ion ,so they pout it in front of the shop but this was not her dream job her dream job was to work at a bakery however at lest she has a job and to stop  people from steeling her statue she made it estray heavy and whenever they try to steeling it they would just break there back. and she loves her shop yay.

the present

‘Yay we get to go she grandma today’, said Harmony. ‘Okay I am ready are you’ said Mum. ‘Yes’ said Harmony so they hoped in the car, ‘are we all most at the hospital mum’said harmony ‘yes’ said Mum. when we got there grandma she had a present for me I un rapped it start away  they were yellow roller skates and after we went to the pool for an hour and got attached by a swam of tiny mosquitos so I whet home and I did a hull book of coloring book and when she was attached by Allen’s and got takin away .done !!!


Sonic’s disaster!!!!!

at 3 in the afternoon at toms home in green hill sonic and tom though of what to do today ”hay do you want to play baseball” sonic said happily ‘ okay’ tom said when they arrived know one was here. Soo they though ‘ my it is sonic’ said doctor eggman  how was sonics’ enemy ‘ know it is my chance to destroy him once and for all’ he wisped  when tom throw the ball at sonic he waked it 10 yards away ” really sonic ” groaned tom ‘…. but I did not mean to hit it that hard….” sonic said at that moment eggman stared up his robots and fired like crazy the end

my brilliant quiz

l created this on scratch and it is a spelling quiz and I think it is really fun and kind and I believe I did a amazing job.

wolf girl

Running throw the woods Gwen thought to her self ‘ were are my family’ Gwen thought ‘were here’ barked my dogs then Gwen realized that she was getting followed she quickly spun around to see what looked like a human but was big foot the big foot just started to write in the dirt saying ‘what are you because no human would be able to see me coming ‘ said big foot. ‘people call me wolf girl but my name is Gwen and I have been running with these dogs there are a  Labrador, chihuahua , greyhound and more’ said Gwen boom!!! rrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn!!!!


the zoo

‘wake up’ my brother said as gentle as a mice ‘what is it ‘ I said tiredly ‘we are going to the zoo’ eminently I sprang out of bed and put on a white shirt and blue pants and i did my hour on the piano then hoped in the car and of for the zoo as soon as we got there I sprang out of the car because I wounded to see the octopus I rushed as fast as I could then at 11:00 we reached the octopus enclose at that point I was springing up and down but after one look we had to go.:(